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Useful Apps for Music Lessons

We are now in the age of touch screens and internet. Rather than fighting technology, I embrace them, and use them with my students in guitar lessons. So, I have decided to share with you some great apps that can help you in your music lessons. These are useful for both teacher and student.

Name That Note

Name That Note

Name That Note is great! It allows music students to pick a level of Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. Users can choose bass clef, treble Clef, or both! It starts with basic natural notes, and then works up to difficult key signatures and ledger lines. It keeps score for the student, and has a timer which creates the real life pressure students need to experience. This is a great app for piano, guitar, drums, voice, bass, or any instrument! This is an Apple app, but fear not Android users…there are comparable apps for Android!

Rhythm Cat Pro

Rhythm Cat

Another important element of music that is applicable to all instruments is Rhythm. Rhythm Cat is a really fun game format for rhythm. Users simply tap in the rhythm along with the music. Students will work through various stages, and use the 3 star system popularized by Angry Birds. The exercises progressively get harder as you go. It’s simply a fun way to learn rhythm…And I mean come on, that can be a drag sometimes. haha!

Better Ears

better Ears

Music starts with the ears. Let’s face it, if it doesn’t sound good, what does it matter?! Better Ears does just what the title says, it gives you better ears! Users can choose the preset levels, or work with their customized level as they study intervals, scales, chords, progressions, pitch, and much more! This app is so helpful for both student and teacher in their music lessons.

Seconds Pro

Seconds Pro

This app is not specific to music lessons, but is a great app for music students! We’ve covered some basic elements that are important to all instruments with rhythm, sight-reading, and ear-training; however, none of these matter if students don’t practice. Seconds Pro allows you to set up a customized exercise schedule. Students can name the exercises, order them, customize the time, and even customize the colors. Once you have your schedule set, you simply press start. Your device then speaks the exercise out loud, the timer rolls, and as your exercise is nearly done it counts down the last few seconds. There are also optional rest times in between; these are customizable as well. Seconds Pro gives students a well organized system to get their practice done, and be ready for their next music lesson.

Whether you play violin, sing, play drums, it doesn’t matter. These apps will help you exercise the basic elements of music, and make you more prepared for your lessons. There are many other useful apps we didn’t cover like a tuner or metronome. Also, for my fellow guitar players and students, check out FretWiz ! It’s Great! Go check out the app stores. You are bound to find apps that will be very helpful along your musical journey. Good Luck!

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