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10 Great Stocking Stuffers For Guitar Students

If you’re in need of some stocking ideas this Holiday season, here are some fun little gadgets that your guitar player might enjoy.

1. Capo: This is a device that holds the strings at various frets, changing the key of the open strings and chords. It is used in a lot of songs. There are many types. The most popular is the Kyser Capo(link).

2. Strings: You can never have too many packs of strings! Make sure you get the right strings. If you are taking lessons, just ask your guitar teacher to be sure. I personally love Ernie Ball(link) electric strings and Elixir(link) acoustic strings.

3. Picks: You can never have too many picks either! I think they are secretly mounting an offensive to take over the world as they disappear daily. Again, make sure you are grabbing the right picks here. If a guitar student is a beginner, it is best to get a variety of guitar picks. That way, the student can experiment and see which one he/she likes. I like harder picks for attacking and lead playing, and softer ones for rhythm work. Be forewarned…your laundry will begin collecting picks.

4. Clip on Tuner: I think these are great for tuning in any situation. My favorite clip on tuner is a Snark(link). They are affordable and easy to use. Simply clip it on the end of your guitar and the Snark will pick up the vibrations for you to tune. I love the fact that they are LED, which means it lasts for a long time before you have to replace the battery.

5. String Winder: I love my string winder and use it constantly to restring my guitar. Some of them come with clippers on the back, so you can clip the strings once you are done restringing your guitar.

6. Polish/Cloth: These are small items that are easy to store in the ole stocking. I believe their use is self-explanatory.

7. I-Tunes Card: All kids love these for all reasons! In terms of music lessons, students can use them for songs they want to learn, or apps they want to buy. (insert shameless plug) Check out my blog on “useful apps for music students”. (link)

8. Pick Punch: This may be a bit of a “stretch” as it is a little large for a stocking, but I guess it depends on your stocking size. Stop throwing away your old gift cards and use them to punch out picks. I use this in guitar lessons all the time. This may solve your lack of pick problem.

9. Strap/Strap Locks: Most performances with the guitar will be standing. A strap is essential, and there are many styles to choose from.

10. Pick Holder: These specially designed packages come in three different forms for your pick-storing preferences. They can attach to your mic stand (as seen with John Mayer and the like), attach to your guitar, or as a pouch on your keychain.

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