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Benefits of Music Lessons at Freeway Music

Freeway music quickly has become Columbia’s premier music lesson studio. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Instructors
There is no doubt that the best music instructors reside at Freeway Music. All of our instructors are well educated and very experienced. Many studios have teachers that have credentials, but Freeway’s teacher are some of the most well-respected players in Columbia. They are also the busiest. Freeway’s instructors are constantly playing gigs and getting called. Players that are busy are good. The fact that they are so involved in the music scene creates better opportunities for our students, which leads into the next point.

2. Opportunities
Freeway Music is intertwined with the local music scene and community helping to create more opportunities for its students than any other music school in Columbia. Students get to perform at local concerts, festivals, venues, schools, and more. Freeway offers recitals, showcases, clinics, camps, RockBand class, Pre-School music, and even an all-star band. The richest opportunities to play and grow lie at Freeway Music!

3. Community Outreach
One of the best opportunities that students enjoy at Freeway is giving back! That’s a core principle of Freeway Music. Students have opportunities to play and volunteer for various organizations such as the Children’s Hospital, senior living facilities, schools, charities, and much more!

4. Philosophy
At Freeway our philosophy has always been to meet students where they are and give the freedom to organically grow in the direction that makes them excited about music. We also believe in mentorship. Our instructors want to invest in our students and encourage them with academics, sports, and other activities as well. We all have a passion for helping our students to become well rounded individuals.

These are just a few ways that Freeway is set apart. I could tout our multiple locations, professionalism, or our facilities, but what we are most concerned about at Freeway is offering a positive learning environment for our students! Sign up for lessons for the New Year today!

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