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Shop Local When Buying an Instrument

It is increasingly popular to purchase things online. In the era of e-commerce, one can easily jump online and buy music books, strings, guitars, and even cars! This is very convenient, and sensible…in some cases. Some purchases, however, should still be reserved for buying locally. Here are a few reasons to shop local when searching for a musical instrument:

Try it Out
Buying a new instrument is a huge decision, and one of the biggest factors is how it plays. You need to be able to hold a musical instrument to see if it feels comfortable, and you like the way it feels. You also need to hear the tone, to make sure you like the way it sounds. It’s very risky buying an instrument online. It’s like rolling dice; you’ll never know what you might get. It could be very hard to play, the sound could be awful, or it could be damaged A lot of times the money you “save” from ordering online is spent trying to get the instrument right.

With any musical instrument, you have to repair and maintain it from time to time. Purchasing local makes this so convenient. If you have an issue, simply take it to your local music store from where you purchased it, and they will take care of it for you. Most music stores have an in-store warranty, and really want to maintain your business. Having a good relationship with a local music store has other perks too; you get connected with local musicians, and they sometimes even give you a discount when you are a regular customer.

Local Economy
If you are a musician, chances are you are already passionate about your local music scene and community. There’s no better way to support your local music scene or community than supporting your local economy. One of the great perks of shopping local is that the money goes right back into your local economy. Going to shows at local venues, buying musical instruments at local stores, and recording at local studios are great ways to bolster the economy and support your music scene. Why would you support a place that you aren’t even invested in?

Next time you go make a purchase, keep these points in mind. It’s always better to try it out in person; you can’t beat the convenience of a local store; and at the end of the day, where do you want your money to go? Don’t take the risk of purchasing a musical instrument online; shop local. Happy Shopping!

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