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Get Out in the Scene!

From songwriter, to jazz musician, to bluegrass musician, there are a lot of great jams to check out in Columbia!


Event: Open Mic Night w/ Charles Riley and Dave Love
Place: Kelly’s
Time: 10-Until
Description: This is an open mic for small acts, acoustic players, etc. If you are trying to get used to playing in front of a crowd, or trying a new song out on someone, this is a great jam for you. It’s very laid back and fun. A lot of local musicians frequent this jam, making it a great place to network. You never know who may drop by on any given Monday.

Tuesday (every other)

Event: Singer Songwriter Night
Place: Delaney’s Music Pub
Time: 9-Until
Description: David Adedokun assembles some of Columbia’s best songwriters to try out new material for listeners. Usually 3-4 songwriters play in rounds. Often, other songwriters show up and sit in. It’s a good place to go make connections with other songwriters. David is great about allowing other songwriters to sneak in and giving songwriters a chance to play in future songwriter nights.

Tuesday (every other)

Event: Songwriter Night
Place: Bill’s Music Shop
Time: 7PM-Until
Description: If you are trying to get out and try some new material, this is a great open mic! It’s simply a songwriter open mic.


Event: Jazz Workshop w/ Skipp Pearson
Place: Hunter Gatherer
Time: 9-12
Description: This is the longest standing Jazz jam in Columbia, led by local jazz icon Skipp Pearson or trumpet player Mark Rouse. This is a jam session for more traditional, straight ahead jazz. You’ll find some of the best musicians around holding down the house band and amazing musicians from all over will drop by and “sit in.”


Event: Jazz Jam w/ The Tony Lee Group
Place: Speak Easy
Time: 10-1
Description: This regular gig has been standing for nearly 10 years. Typically, this jam includes a vocalist, and is a bit more versatile. You could hear straight ahead Jazz, R&B, Fusion, and even current Pop tunes. “Sitting in” is usually an option from the second set on. If you are a vocalist or an instrumentalist, this is a great place to sit in and work on your chops. Some of the best musicians on the scene will always be found here.


Event: Open Bluegrass Jam
Place: Bill’s Music Shop
Time: 6-Midnight
Description: The culture of bluegrass is perfectly demonstrated on Friday’s at Bill’s Picking Parlor. The doors open, and bluegrass players of all instruments and skill level come out to jam. You can sit outside the circle and try to figure out the chords, or you can pick with some of the best pickers in the country.

Friday & Saturday

Event: Jazz Jam with Robert Gardiner
Place: Pearlz Upstairs (Friday) Speak Easy (Saturday)
Time: 10-1
Description: Robert Gardiner has held down his jazz jam for many years now and has become one of the most well-known jazz players in the area. His bands have changed throughout the years with some of the best musicians around. This jam is very similar to that at Hunter Gatherer on Thursdays. It’s a great place to sit in and meet local musicians.

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