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Applauding Recent Efforts in Our Music Scene

As a person who is passionate about my local community, music scene, and culture, I take notice when others are taking action. Today I am applauding the efforts of three organizations.

The Township Auditorium

The Township is one of Columbia’s oldest and most storied venues. The likes of Elvis and Prince have graced its stage. In recent history, they have had an issue of not bringing in relevant and exciting acts; however, they are currently bringing in great act after great act. The most recent acts include: Grace Potter, Amos Lee, Band of Horses, John Legend, and more. Often, I would have to travel to Charlotte or Charleston to catch one of these shows. The guys at Township now are doing a great job! Keep it up guys!

The Drum Mafia

Brian Geiger has done an awesome job organizing his drum mafia in Columbia! Drummers, both semi-pro and enthusiasts, meet once a month with a guest artist to increase their knowledge. The clinic is followed by an open jam session. This gathering is furthering the education of drummers in our scene and knitting our local musicians together more tightly. More importantly, great music scenes must have a foundation of musicians that are working for a common goal to change the culture. Way to go, Brian! Keep it up!

Sims Music

Sims Music has been churning out great music clinics lately, from owner Jerry Sims on chord melody, all the way to the likes of powerhouse drummer Aaron Spears, who will be appearing at Sims later this month. Justin Sims has done an awesome job reaching out to Freeway Music and other local organizations, as well. These are the kinds of things that will help propel us to the next level. Great job to the Sims guys! Make sure you catch one of their clinics, and while you are there, buy something from this locally owned music store.

Freeway Music has a vision of our town’s becoming a thriving hub for music, causing musicians to move or stay here, cultivating their music careers. Our combined efforts will certainly make this vision a reality. The future of our music scene is bright!

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