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Coolest Gadgets I saw at NAMM this year

Sims Music took a few instructors from Freeway Music to the summer NAMM show in Nashville. We had an amazing time! If you haven’t been to the NAMM show before, it is essentially a giant candy store for musicians. There are vendors from every walk displaying their goodies for the music merchants from around the country. I discovered some great new gadgets and products while there. I am sure they aren’t new for everyone, but I figured I would share them none-the-less.

Paige Capos

These capos don’t look special at first sight. They have a lock-release mechanism and a control for how tense you make the capo. This is definitely for the avid capo user. The thing I love about it is that it affects tuning less than any other capo I’ve used before.

The Jam Stik

This is basically a mini guitar that you can play into your i Pad as a midi controller to achieve various sounds and effects. It’s pretty amazing. My only complaints would be that you have to press a button to move up octaves, and it doesn’t score tabs or music. If it scored music, I probably would have scored a Jam Stik myself.

Kala U Bass

Ukelele is the new craze with music students nowadays. Kala is really raising the game with all kinds of variations of the traditional Ukelele instruments. I happened past a U Bass, and it literally stopped me in my tracks. It is basically a short scale bass in a uke body! The strings are a synthetic rubber material that emulate gut strings…eww..LOL Anyways, I loved this U Bass so much that I left Nashville with one!

These are just a few of my finds in Nashville. look for my next blog post, where I will post some great places to catch live music in Nashville.

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