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3 New Releases

If you’ve attended the last few Freeway Music Festivals you’ve had the opportunity to catch Levvy, Real Work, and The Lovely Few. In addition to those performances, the chief songwriter of each project has played at our songwriter night at The White Mule.

Friday night, November 15th these bands will come together at New Brookland Tavern to celebrate the release of each of their new EPs. When Real Work headlined the SceneSC Stage at Freeway Music Fest this summer they performed a handful of songs from the new release. The same goes for Levvy, who filmed their newest music video live at their performance inside Tin Roof. It was two years before that when The Lovely Performed on The Senate main stage as part of the festival, when the songs recorded on the new EP were in their earliest versions.

Earlier this week on SceneSC we released the video for The Lovely Few’s title track “Sad Disco” With the opening and title track from The Lovely Few’s new EP, Mike Mewborne and company take a break from their space themed songs and try their take at pop music. Featuring a new recording lineup made up of Kenny McWilliams (gang vocals, bass, keys, guitars) and Joe Stillwell (Drums) of Real Work, along with Phil Windsor (Guitar) and Ben Walker (Bass), the EP takes on a different feel than The Lovely Few’s past releases, with the style of each musician coming through. 

“This EP is our take on pop music: traditional structures and content (i.e. they’re mostly love songs) with our sometimes tongue-and-cheek/sometimes earnest take on the genre.” says Mewborne. “Sometimes it’s commentary. Sometimes it’s just love songs.”

The video for “Sad Disco” gives a good feel for the EP with the band experimenting and having fun with color and dance while still showing the emotion underneath. Shot and edited by The Pierson Collective, the video turns into a colorful glitchy dance party in slow motion, fitting of the song title.

Watch “Sad Disco” here.

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