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Be Different!

“Figure out you are different that your competition. Then, figure out your really different.”  Tye Price

When starting Freeway Music, I asked my friend Tye Price of Chernoff Newman advice on what to do to get started with my brand. The above quote was the advice he gave me. At first, I didn’t understand it, but as I pondered on what he had said, I began to really discern what set me apart as a teacher, and what would set Freeway Music apart from other music schools and studios. So, today we are talking about how important it is to be different.


The obvious first benefit to being different in business is that you create separation between you and your competition. How has Uber grown so fast? It’s simple. They provided a service that had been provided for years, but changed the game buy making an App, and allowing people to use their own cars as a “taxi”. There needs to be a distinct difference between you and everyone else. If you don’t know what that is yet, take a lot of time to figure that out. It will be the most important thing you do in your business.


One reason to make yourself different is to create something refreshing for yourself. After doing the same thing the same way as everyone else for so long, it can wear on you. It also makes your product or service refreshing for you customers. I find that another benefit of trying something new is that it pushes me to grow as an artists, business owner, and as a person in general. Make sure that you don’t get stale in running your business, writing, performing, etc.


When you set yourself apart, people will take notice. For Example, I recently put together a gypsy jazz Star Wars project for fun. It was different, and it pushed me. People in the music scene and local media seemed to really enjoy the idea, and show a lot of support for it. People get excited for new ideas and creativity, and will certainly gain some notoriety for you in your field.


Make sure you take plenty of time to identify your signature, what makes you different, and what makes you REALLy different. You will separate yourself from the pack, push yourself, have new energy, and people will take notice!

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