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Freeway Music Fest Countdown Begins!

It’s hard to believe it’s almost here. In just 20 days 18 local acts will take over the Music Farm and Tin Roof stages offering a full day of some of the best local bands around. Leading up to the festival we’ll preview each act from top to bottom.

The High Divers

With a new album coming out late summer, The High Divers look to have a huge year in 2017. The last couple of years the bands lived consistently on the road, touring in support of their last album Riverlust and building a fan foundation across the Southeast. This year they’ve been testing out many of their new songs live, so that’s what you’re likely to hear at Freeway Music Festival from the rising Charleston, SC band.

The Mobros

The Mobros spent so much of the last couple of years on the road that they didn’t really have a hometown crowd other than Columbia and their hometown of Camden. That’s really changed over the last year as those two towns are still somewhat of hometown shows, but not The Mobros can add Charleston to that list. Since moving there they’ve become engrained in that music scene, playing more local shows than ever and building relationships with other local musicians. In April Kelly Morris toured to Alabama and back playing bass with She Returns From War while Patrick Morris stayed back in Charleston and played some solo shows of his own. This branching out only adds and expands on the Mobros sound. The talent’s always been there, and been very apparent, where there going with it is the intriguing part.

FatRat Da Czar

What’s FatRat Da Czar been up to? Oh you know, just working on a book about his career. The book gives a personal account of his path over the last ten years, looking at the success he’s had and the road that’s led him to where he is today. That book also includes Da Cold War trilogy, the album that caused many to take notice. These days he’s on another level, still creating some of the best local rap music along with passing on his touch to others through his recording spot at the Boom Room at the Jam Room in Columbia.

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