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Jump Little Children Return to Music Farm Columbia

When: October 21, 2017

Where: Music Farm Columbia

What About It: Jump Little Children return to Music Farm Columbia October 21 after reuniting after ten years in late 2015.

With: She Returns from War and Stop Light Observations

After a ten-year hiatus Jump Little Children reunited in late 2015 for a string of dates that sold out in a flash after they went on sale. Jump Little Children in turn added more dates and those sold out too. Since then they’ve kept the ball rolling with a huge hometown show at the Shovels and Rope hosted Highwater Music Festival in Charleston and the announcement in February of their albums coming to vinyl.

Their upcoming dates include shows at Music Farm Columbia, Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte, along with a show at the NC State Fair who has stepped up their local music lineup over the past two years.

In interviews Jump Little Children have often mentioned that having children and sort of settling down after nearly ten years on the road was one the main reasons for their decade long hiatus. Now, if you look around at the side of the stage and at the side of the stage you’ll often catch one of their kids looking on.

When it comes to releasing new music, Jump Little Children remain coy on the topic. They’ve said in interviews that there is a chance, but it all comes down to timing. Slowly but surely if these shows keep happening, maybe, just maybe some new recorded music will eventually happen.

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