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New Album Out from Cayla Fralick


Cayla Fralick celebrated the release of her new album last weekend with shows with Stagbriar and Grace Joyner in both Charleston and Columbia.

Anyway, Here is her true solo debut, featuring ten songs produced by Eric McCoy of Archer Avenue Studio here in Columbia.

SceneSC’s covered Fralick since she was in high school here in Columbia, and watched her grow as an artists anticipating this album for nearly a decade. That might sound strange to say, but her talent has always been clear. But it took a lot more than talent to create this album.

In her interview with Free Times, Fralick revisits her roots playing music in her college band Kemp Ridley, and what’s changed in her songwriting process. It’s the life experiences, and her ability as a fiction writer, that started to mesh more with her songwriting that changed everything.

After moving to Louisiana and then moving back here and becoming more involved in the music scene, this album came into form. It’s her finest work to date. Taking chances stylistically beyond just a singer songwriter, and also presenting her most emotionally honest lyrics to date. As a listener, it makes you feel just as great music should.

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