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Free Show at Drip! Younger Mister (Steven Fiore)

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Thursday, April 25 at Drip in Five Points/ Free Show / 7 PM

Steven Fiore’s been hard to pin down over the last decade, spending time in Boston, Charleston, Southern California, and across North Carolina. He’s living the life a talented young songwriter should, enjoying many different experiences and racking up a ton of stories to tell along the way. He’s been part of the big music business game, holding a publishing deal with Universal Music Group doing co-writes and writing songs for pop artists. In LA he spent time jamming with Jeff Goldblum’s jazz band, yes that Jeff Goldblum. Fiore has many stories to tell, and they’re all blended into his songwriting in the magical way that only he can do. On his self titled debut release from Young Mister, you can hear the heavy SoCal influences, though, it really blends a little of everything Fiore is. That’s what you get from his live shows as well. Tons of great stories to go with each song, especially in an intimate setting like Drip.

Fiore’s flawless when it comes to live shows where it’s just him and his guitar. It’s where he does his best work, navigating through each song with ease and pulling in the crowd. I know, we were lucky enough to host some house shows with him over the years.

To get an idea of what to expect, watch some of Fiore’s live sessions here.

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