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It’s a new year- welcome to 2016! Lessons are starting back, classes have resumed, and activities are already filling up the calendar.

With all the looming homework, projects, activities, and fun things to do, you might be thinking: “Do I really need to continue to make time for my music lessons this year? With all the time allotted for practicing and driving to and from lessons, I could be doing a lot of other things!” If you’ve been looking at your lessons as just another time-filler, perhaps the new year is a great time for new perspective: Why do you take music lessons?

As an aspiring musician, you are an artist- one who works to create beautiful sounds out of strings, ivory keys, or rosin and a bow. To most of the world, a piano is nothing more than a pretty, large wooden box with neatly arranged black and white things. People admire the skill required to play it, and enjoy the beautiful music that escapes the wood, but only a pianist can truly appreciate the amount of practice and dedication required to make a cohesive melody or song out of the 88 black and white keys.

As an artist, you see your instrument as a vehicle for the sounds you love- rock, jazz, blues, folk songs, country, or classical- and you continually work to make better music. This year, share a little bit of your music with the world. Let people see more than just a guitar with strings or a drum with sticks- be creative, be original, and share your love of music with those who support you and your art!

Take it on as a challenge for 2016: share your music with those around you. Through charity events, hospitals or medical centers, religious events, or other community opportunities- you have a chance to make the world a better place by sharing your passion and musical talents!

Don’t just view your music lessons as a way to spend your time. Look at them as your unique

-Elizabeth Davis

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