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Ukulele Lessons

Maybe you need ukulele lessons because you want to play the songs you hear on the radio. Maybe you need ukulele lessons because you want to play in a band. Or, maybe you need ukulele lessons because you are an adult that always wanted to play, but never had the support or opportunity. Regardless of your style, level, or goals, Freeway Music is absolutely the best place in Columbia, SC to take ukulele lessons. Here some things that set Freeway Music’s program apart:

  1. Our Ukulele Instructors

    Our ukulele instructors are the best in Columbia, SC, and here’s why.

    • Continuing Education

      Not only are the Freeway Music ukulele instructors highly qualified, but their continuing education is a vital part of being a ukulele teacher at Freeway. Most of our instructors who teach ukulele also play, study, and teach other instruments.

    • Locally Involved

      All of our ukulele instructors are respected members of the local music scene. Some teachers have play in popular local and regional bands. Our voice and ukulele instructor Jessica Skinner was voted Best Solo Artist in Columbia, SC by The Free Times, and her band, Prettier Than Matt, was nominated Best Band in Columbia, SC by The Free Times. We have the hardest working staff. They are constantly performing and supporting the music scene in Columbia, SC.

    • Winning Personality

      You are sure to have a pleasant experience with each ukulele instructor. Not only are the instructors genuinely concerned with the growth of each ukulele student, but also personable enough to relay information in a simple way.

  2. Performance Opportunities

    At Freeway Music, we pride ourselves on offering our students more performance opportunities than any other music school in Columbia, SC.

  3. Technology:

    A major part of our ukulele instructors’ training includes incorporating apps and technology, seamlessly and creatively, into their lessons.

    • Apps

      Apps allow the instructor to enhance and accelerate the student’s understanding of rhythm, sight reading, tuning, ear training, fret board awareness, practicing, and more.

    • Equipment

      The ukulele lesson rooms have speakers to plug into to play music, beats, and backing tracks. Each room also has a stand, cables, and all standard necessities for ukulele lessons. Each instructor will use their laptop, tablet, or other device to enhance the ukulele lessons as well.

    • Blogs and Online Resources

      Freeway Music has a wide array of blogs available for ukulele students to read and educate themselves on various topics. Students can also find ukulele core materials, and suggested businesses on our resources page. Instructors often use online resources and tools to create the best possible lesson experience.

  4. Community:

    Freeway Music prides itself on  community outreach and being involved in the local music scene.

  5. Diverse Ukulele Lessons: 

    Whether you want to be a songwriter, improvise, or strum chords and sing, we have a team of diverse ukulele instructors that can help you reach your goal.

    • Level

      Freeway Music is able to take beginner to advanced ukulele students. Our ukulele instructors are very well respected in Columbia. You can start at any level, and not have to worry about outgrowing your instructor.

    • Style

      We offer ukulele lessons for rock, country, blues, jazz, and most every style. Some of our teachers have degrees in jazz studies, and some of them play in rock groups. Part of the model of Freeway is to allow students to be free to grow in the way they want. Our diverse team of teachers allows us the ability to fulfill this goal.


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