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Briston Maroney’s Double Feature Single: Detonator/The Idea

As the tail end of summer approaches, the music scene is bursting at the seams with released singles, EPs, and upcoming albums. Indie-rock soloist Briston Maroney contributes to this new flow of welcomed songs with a two-sided single, “Detonator,” along with its companion piece, “The Idea.” This pair of songs perfectly set up the tone and voice we’ll be hearing in Maroney’s sophomore album, Ultrapure, that comes out on September 22nd, along with two other singles that all tell a story about making the most of your youth despite the circumstances. 

“Detonator” tells the story about someone discovering they’re in love with a friend who’s still hung up on their ex, though you wouldn’t realize that on your first listen. This summery song carries a twinge of sadness hidden by airy guitar and the steady tempo courtesy of the drums. It encapsulates the feeling of late nights and short-lived summer romances, perfect for blasting with your windows down on the way to the beach for a midnight swim.

On the other end, “The Idea” focuses more on acoustics, piano and gentle vocals. It evokes a nostalgia that directly opposes “Detonator” yet ties neatly into the suspected theme of this album: the realization that, eventually, all the good and bad that comes with being young, will be in the past. This song comes off more reminiscent than the previous but holds similar themes of young love and the tribulations that come with growing up. 

His other two recent releases, “Sunburn Fades” and “Body,” both featured on Ultrapure, carry the theme of the struggle that young adults go through, balancing the beginnings of their lives while also trying to hold onto their youth as long as they get it. “Sunburn Fades” is more broken down—acoustic guitar and Maroney’s signature voice taking the forefront—while “Body” carries an airy tone similar to “Detonator.”

Ultrapure releases closer to the middle of autumn, perfect timing for school’s return right around the corner, but these songs can be played year round. After all, there’s never a bad time to think about your youth and appreciate the time you have left while also reminiscing on the time that’s already past. And the perfect album will be waiting for you to play on repeat. Don’t forget to preorder Ultrapure before the opportunity passes you by.

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